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St. Lucia: Food One pot

• 5 pounds of Green bananas
• 1 large dasheen
• 1 large chopped onions
• 5 cloves of chopped garlic
• 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper (optional)
• 1 packet of chicken base or 2 chicken base cubes
• ½ cup celery, parsley and seasoning peppers
• 3 pounds meat of your choice (we usually use chicken backs, wings or drums in St Lucia)
• 1 table spoon salt (less or more depending on your taste)

Cut the dasheen in half from the top to the bottom and begin peeling it first. You must try to do this as quickly as possible with your hands being dry because the dasheen will itch if you take to long to peel it.

Wash the dasheen under running water and put it in the large pot that you are going to use to cook the one pot. Also wash your hands as soon as you’re done to reduce the chance of it itching you.

Before you Peel the green bananas, put some oil in your hands and rub all over your hands. This will prevent the sticky substance from the green bananas to stick to your hand. That can be a real nuisance to get out and it also stains so be sure that you have an apron so that it does not get on your clothes.

Some persons like to use a glove to peel the green bananas but I am not fond of it so I rather use my bare hands.

When you are done with peeling the ground provision, put them in a large pan if you have not done so, put the meat that you have already cleaned on top of the provisions and then the seasoning and the salt. Fill the pan with water to barely cover the contents in it.

This St Lucia food (one pot) takes approximately 35 minutes to cook. But to know for certain that it is cooked, you can take a fork to prick into the ground provision. If it is soft, then it is cooked.

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