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Goat Water (Nevis)

10 lb Goat Meat (Mutton)
2 lb (1kg) green pawpaw (diced)
2 lb (1kg) breadfruit
1 lb (500g) flour
1 lb (500g) onions
1/1 pt. (125 ml) cooking oil
gravy browning
1 lb (500g) cooking tomatoes
6 tbsp (30ml) tomato ketchup
2 oz (50g) margarine
Salt & black pepper to taste
3 maggi cubes


Wash meat, cut into serving pieces and season with salt and pepper. Set aside for ½ hour.

Lightly brown in cooking oil.

Put into large pot and simmer for 2 hours.

Remove from fire. Dice pawpaw, breadfruit and onions and sauté in margarine.

Add to meat and return to fire. Simmer gently and add whole peppers.

Mix 3 tbsp (45ml) flour to a smooth paste with water, add 2 tbsp (30ml) gravy browning.

Add to stew and continue simmering. With the remaining flour, make tiny dumpling (droppers) and add to the stew.

Add cubes and continue simmering until meat is very soft, and the stew brown in colour.

Remove hot peppers. Serve hot with bread rolls.

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