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Burundi Recipes by Type

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Burundi: Groundnut & Bushmeat Stew


1 pound bushmeat – bone-in for enhancing flavor, but chopped in serving pieces 6 T. groundnuts (dry roasted peanuts) – pounded (or use peanut butter) 2 medium onions — chopped 1 pound ripe tomatoes — peeled and chopped 2 medium onions 6 cloves garlic or more (I like lots!) 1 chile pepper, seeded, minced […]

Burundi: Bean Soup


Dried Lima Beans, 200 gr Dried white beans, 200 gr (we used black beans cause it was the only ones we had at the moment) Dried pink or red beans, 200 gr Water, 2 lt Vegetable broth, 60 ml Onions (finely chopped), 400 gr Green bell pepper (finely chopped), 20 gr Red chilli flakes, […] […]