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Brunei Recipes by Type

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BRUNEI: Ambuyat

Ingredients A 6.5 cups sago rumbia Boiled water 4 cups of water

Ingredients B 600g white fish/cob fish/Spanish Mackerel

Pounded coarsely: 40g shallots 10g fresh turmeric 10g ginger 3g bird’s eye chilies

30g lemon grass 5g dried tamarind 1.5 ts salt 2.5 cups of water

Ingredients C 500g spinach 1.5 ts salt 1 tbsp vegetable […]

Brunei: Pan Fried Stuffed Pastry Or Murtabak


Plain roti 500 g all purpose flour, pinch of salt – sifted 1 cup warm milk 1/2 cup ghee 1 egg , lightly beaten Pinch of sugar

Filling: Fry the following ings. 2 L onions, sliced 4 green chillies, thinly sliced 2 tbsp Meat powder 2 tsp chilli pwd 2 tbsp ginger – garlic […] […]